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51 Treffer mit Amanda Riniker aktualisiert am: 08.03.2015 10:13:14 What is 8TH GRADE GIRLS TRACK RECORDS? - Event: Athlete(s) Time/Distance: Year: Shot Put: Marcy Sprague: 30 3.5 1988: Discus: Heather Gericke: 87 9 2001: Long Jump: Amanda Riniker: in zimbio.com

60 Treffer mit Amanda Ritz aktualisiert am: 08.03.2015 10:13:14 Where s Amanda-Jet? Ritz-Carlton PB - Travel Portal For Your ... - WEB RESOURCES. Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach; JohnnyJet.com; Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach By Amanda Jet Do you remember back in February when I put my 12-year old niece to work? in zoominfo.com