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2 Treffer mit Amanda Marthe aktualisiert am: 28.02.2015 15:06:52 Vannebo Starting over again My Last Goodbye New singel MY LAST GOODBYE out on February 20th ! This is the first song to be released from the upcoming album STARTING OVER AGAIN ( Coming soon spring 2015 ) Cover and photo by Marthe Amanda Vannebo My Last Goodbye Today I start the Starting over agai. Marthe Amanda Amanda Vannebo Spellemann nomination and new album in spring 2015 ! These last few weeks Ida has received a Spellemann nomination (Norwegian Grammy) for Let it in idajenshus.no

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51 Treffer mit Amanda Marty aktualisiert am: 08.03.2015 10:12:32 Wedding: Erin & Amanda {Marty Leonard & Omni Hotel} Wisner Photo - This wedding had all the elements to make it one that Efra and I will never forget! Hilarious bride & groom, equally fun wedding party and some of the best wedding ... in zoominfo.com

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9 Treffer mit Amanda Mary aktualisiert am: 29.07.2015 14:03:08 survived at the time of her father s death. Mary went on to marry William Dower, and they had two daughter s, Mabel O. and Grace. In about 1905, Christiana, Mary and William as well as their daughters left to live in Long Beach, CA. Christiana it seems married again to a William Bower shortly . Mary Amanda Amanda Neuschwanger [1]. She was born on 05 Apr 1862 in Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois [1]. She married William Dower. They were married on 15 Sep 1880 in in rcc-roellfeld.de