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4 Treffer mit Allan Ken aktualisiert am: 05.11.2015 10:31:59 Mathiasen from the master in IT Product Design was the winner of the BHJ-Foundation s Project Award 2010 and had his name immortalised on the Wall of Fame. Here he stands next to his supervisor Chris Heape on the left and Flemming Huusmann from Danfoss Solar Inverters. Silvia M. Sørensen and Anja in thornybleeder.com

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4 Treffer mit Allan Kenny aktualisiert am: 06.10.2014 17:46:45 THE MAKING OF THE BOOK The concept of the book started some 9 months ago when Kenny started experimenting with the camera on the i Phone. The book explores that journey, from the quaint fishing village of Crail, Fife, climbing icy slopes of Meall nan Tarmachan to the sun blessed beauty of Kassiop in themeinthebox.com

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1 Treffer mit Allan Kerry aktualisiert am: 01.04.2014 07:40:52 , David Brannon, Dale Franklin, Vernon Stepp, Malcom Mc Intosh, Gary Crabtree, Kenny Geiger, Bob Lacher Fourth Row: Jerry Hardin, Jimmy Hapton, Billy Chalk, Earl Maples, Bobby Thomas, Stanley Springe Kerry Allan in frayser69.info

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