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2 Treffer mit Ahoy Darwin aktualisiert am: 09.11.2015 17:14:42 ! 21:21, 21 June 2011 (UTC) Well, all we got from him via OTRS was a link to the file page here at Commons (which is what pointed me out to it). I explained why the file is not his own work but I don t expect anything to come of it. Adrignola talk 21:26, 21 June 2011 (UTC) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh So he did . Darwin Ahoy Ahoy! 22:08, 21 June 2011 (UTC) Thanks for being patient While I think all of us have to cope with the rather beguiling complexity, I appreciate that you re wo in wikimedia.org

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2 Treffer mit Ahoy Jay aktualisiert am: 09.09.2014 03:13:10 Pirates from the Czech Republic! On May 28th 2010 the Czech Pirate Party will participate in national elections for the first time. This will not only be a big step for the Czech Pirate Party, but also for the Pirate movement as a whole as the electors of yet another country can change the way po. Jay Ahoy Jay This week's Pirate Party of the Week is the Pirate Party of the Netherlands, which on June 9th will participate in national elections. We encourage everyon in pp-international.net

1 Treffer mit Ahoy Jupiter aktualisiert am: 26.10.2015 17:42:16 ! Full Resolution: TIFF (65.83 k B) JPEG (2.067 k B) 2007-03-19 Jupiter Cassini-Huygens ISS - Narrow Angle 336x262x3 PIA08899: Hello Again, Jupiter! Full Resolution: TIFF (264.6 k B) JPEG (2.31 k B) 2006-03-27 Jupiter Cassini-Huygens ISS - Narrow Angle 2231x2266x3 PIA07784: Cassini s Best Maps of . Jupiter Ahoy Jupiter (South Polar Map) Full Resolution: TIFF (15.18 MB) JPEG (261.4 k B) 2006-03-27 Jupiter Cassini-Huygens ISS - Narrow Angle 2231x2266x3 PIA07783: Cassini in nasa.gov