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2 Treffer mit AHO Maarten aktualisiert am: 23.02.2014 08:27:58 - Final Results Gestern ging auf St.Maarten die grosse jährliche Regatta nach drei Wettfahrten und täglichen Parties zu Ende. Mehr als 200 Yachten aus 17 Nationen beteiligten sich in den insgesamt 1 Maarten AHO in sailingnews.ch

5 Treffer mit Ahomadegbé Justin aktualisiert am: 22.02.2016 10:12:02 in May 1972. Five months later, the council was overthrown by a group of young military officers led by Major Kérékou. After the putsch, members of the Presidential Council were placed under house arrest until 1981. As soon as they were released they went into exile. Maga came back to the politic. Justin Ahomadegbé Justin (Prudent François Marie) (b. 1862 - d. 1924), deputy governor-general of Orientale province (Belgian Congo) (1913-17) and royal commissioner for Belgian in wikipedia.org

1 Treffer mit Ahomadegb Justin aktualisiert am: 05.05.2014 13:56:51 é, and Emile Derlin Zinsou†the first three each representing a different area and ethnicity of the country. These three agreed to form a Presidential Council after violence marred the 1970 electi Justin Ahomadegb in wikipedia.org

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