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1 Treffer mit Agree Alex aktualisiert am: 07.12.2015 18:20:16 just like App ipad5 Krotow Welcome to age of totally breakable i Pad s. Because they will be soooo thin :P John Cunningham Totally bizarre logic. Why would they do this? An aversion to money? http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1223563048 Angel Ham An aversion to materials cost I say. A smalle. Alex Agree Alex What about the charging cycles? I ve seen new technologies with high power output and density but electrodes degrade fast http://www.facebook.com/Adrian.K in extremetech.com

1 Treffer mit Agree Anna aktualisiert am: 26.12.2014 17:19:58 . They even bought hot-or-not just for the users and opened even closed hot-or-not accounts under Badoo. They are clearly doing anything they can to get it appear as if they had lots of active users. I don t trust them at all. Jinga Apr 24th 2012 luv is sweet, only when see ur soul mate. gideonc A in co.uk

1 Treffer mit Agréé Augustin aktualisiert am: 18.07.2014 06:00:49 ASCA Master spécialiste en Sophrologie Caycédienne Voir page complète Rte des Vuarines 60, 1564 Domdidier Rte de Moncor 15, 1752 Villars-sur-Glâne 026 675 19 72 - 079 335 85 67 info@sophrologie-aberset.ch www.sophrologie-aberset.ch Chammartin Floriane Enseignante spécialisée Spécialisations : enf in sophrologiesuisse.ch

1 Treffer mit Agree Bill aktualisiert am: 22.11.2015 07:54:49 with Bill, re calibrate the system.Would also say 6ft is too close. Top Wed, 2014-12-10 16:00 (Reply to #6) #6 nugget2014 Offline Last seen: 5 hours 45 min ago Joined: 01/01/2014 - 15:19 Posts: 339 ok so here s whats happenedok so here s whats happened since last time i posted  i recalibrated an in whathifi.com

16 Treffer mit agree can aktualisiert am: 06.04.2014 20:23:56 with them on that. At the same time, why would I take $2,000 cash for the prize and publication, and the paid hotel, and workshop, and airfare and then slap the folks who gave it to me? I was indeed can agree in tevnyc.com