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61 Treffer mit Agate Iseli aktualisiert am: 13.03.2015 23:46:01 Zweitausendeins. Filmlexikon FILME von A-Z - Ruedi Walter - ... Alfred Rasser (Theophil Läppli), Ruedi Walter (Fritz Mislin), Margrit Rainer (Agathe ... Darsteller: Ruedi Walter (Pfarrer Iseli), Margrit Rainer (Regula), Paul Bühlmann ... in zweitausendeins.de

7 Treffer mit Agate James aktualisiert am: 15.11.2015 17:57:52 wrote, "I have no hesitation whatsoever in saying that it is the high water-mark of English Shakespearean acting of our time."[57] Mabel Terry-Lewis, Gielgud s aunt and co-star in The Importance of Being Earnest Hamlet was a role with which Gielgud was associated over the next decade and more. Af. James Agate Agate considered his Richard II, "probably the best piece of Shakespearean acting on the English stage today."[103] Olivier said that Gielgud s Joseph Surface in wikipedia.org

7 Treffer mit Agate Jasper aktualisiert am: 21.10.2015 19:07:34 , Turquoise. Just some of the minerals and cabs that we have had wire-wrapped. Morganite from Mozambique, hot off the dop. Nice delicate peach color in this split-mains oval for great brilliance. This one is close to eye-clean, with just a couple of very tiny "bubble" inclusions in one end. 8x13mm in buenavistagemworks.com

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