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4 Treffer mit Agan Erol aktualisiert am: 07.12.2014 20:57:48 Contact Yacht Building Aganlar Yachts construct, refit, repair, and maintain any types of yachts in two hangars based on the area of 34, 000m2, one of which is about 65m by 22m, and the other is 35m by 9m. We construct the yachts under the full control process of the classification and certificat. Erol Agan Aganlar Yachts have its own 5 naval architects whose fundamental jobs are design, build, refit, maintain and repair the brand-new or/and used yachts. We contin in aganlar.com

1 Treffer mit AGAN Erol aktualisiert am: 07.12.2014 20:57:36 and is presently operated by his sons Mazlum and Erdem AGAN. Our yard is located in Bodrum, Mugla in Turkey, on the Mediterranean Shore. Aganlar Yachts is a full service company specializing in design, engineering, construction, repair and maintenance of all type of yachts but especially traditio. Erol AGAN Erol A an . kestrel . lift . maintenance . marina Bodrum . mobile hoist . mobile hoist Aegean . mobile hoist bodrum . mobile hoist Turkey . new construction . in aganlar.com

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