Frank Popfinger Selected Emails for The Memorial to Roosevelt Raceway Page 9 - ... passed away a few months ago), Edward Lohmeyer, Del Insko, Ken McNutt, Frank Popfinger ... hanover s a crest and OH FRANKIE OH and the heartless did done do the funny ... JY:20.01.2013 04:42:42 /*Popfinger Finny*/ |1|Popfinger Finny

Frank Popfinger On This Day - Page 3 - 1977: Bill and Frank Popfinger split the Fox Stakes, as Bill s Say Hello took the ... Winning tickets may be cashed in for more funny money. Sonny Werblin claims his new ... JY:20.01.2013 04:42:43 /*Popfinger Finny*/ |1|Popfinger Finny

Frank Popfinger Chi e Abatiello Carmine - - Chi Sono Tutte Queste ... - Reunion Drivers L-R Bill Popfinger, Jimmy Marohn, Carmine Abbatiello, Lucien Fontaine, Frank Popfinger and Buddy Gilmour (photo by Chris ... JY:23.08.2013 21:46:15 /*Abbatiello Carmine*/ |1|Abbatiello Carmine