Giuseppe Abbinanti Name: giuseppe Origin: Italian,, Meaning (no case): ... Giuseppe Abbatemarco, Giuseppe Abbatiello, Giuseppe Abbattista, Giuseppe Abbinante, Giuseppe Abbinanti, ... Giuseppe - WikiName - Yah1:20140723-170725 /*abbatiello giuseppe*/ |2 Treffer mit Giuseppe Abbinanti in Domain | abbatiello giuseppe

Giuseppe Abbinanti Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash ... - Great grandfather of 5. Former father in law of Giuseppe Abbinanti. Dear brother of Karl (Elsie), Paul (Trudy) Steinmann and Rosi (Robert) Uhl. Longtime ... JY:11.12.2013 21:02:41 /*Trudi Steinemann*/ |1 Treffer mit Giuseppe Abbinanti in Domain | Trudi Steinemann