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Bruno Pedro I need to share a great video documentary by Kate Ray called Web 3.0. Here s a transcribed quote: If I was gonna start a news business tomorrow I would ... Where is the Web going? | Bruno Pedro |1|

Bruno Pedro Posts about Reply written by Bruno Pedro ... That was quick. Around a month ago, payments processor du jour Stripe got valued at half a billion dollars. Reply | Bruno Pedro |1|

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Bruno Pedro Talks "The Importance of /me", APIdays Mediterranea, Barcelona, May 30 2014 "Maintainable Consumers", API Strategy & Practice, Amsterdam, March 2014 "API ... Presentations | Bruno Pedro |1|

Bruno Pedro Posts about Conferences written by Bruno Pedro ... I recently gave a talk at the APIdays Mediterranea in Madrid where I started with a question: “Who are ... Conferences | Bruno Pedro |1|

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