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Ageing German Survey (DEAS) A Longitudinal and Time-Series Study of People in the Second Half of Lifeby Engstler, Heribert & Schmiade, Nicole 109-116 Saving and Old Age Provision in Germany (SAVE): Design and Enhancementsby Coppola, Michela & Lamla, Bettina 2012, Volume 132, Issue 4473-500 German Ordnungstheor. German Ageing Germany Empirical Findings for Persons Receiving Means-tested Unemployment Benefitsby Sarah Bernhard & Thomas Kruppe 527-548 Eine wohlfahrtsökonomische Analyse jbot:15.08.2014 08:19:58 /*Ageing German*/ |1 Treffer mit Ageing German in Domain | Ageing German