Christian Eisenegger Design consulting services in the fields of Product Design, Furniture Design, Fashion Design and Interior Design. Designer Attivo Creative Resource Christian Eisenegger | LinkedIn |1|

Christian Eisenegger CEID Christian Eisenegger Aemtlerstrasse 188 8003 Zürich puevfgvna@prvq.pu Don t hesitate to contact me for additional information or for a first meeting. CEID / Contact |1|

Christian Eisenegger Christian Eisenegger is a product designer living and working in Zurich. In the past he worked for various studios in Zurich and Milan, designing products ... CEID / Info |1|

Christian Eisenegger Overview of selected projects. The products and concepts shown here are all designed by Christian Eisenegger, either independently or in collaboration. CEID / Work / Work |1|,set01

Christian Eisenegger Christian Eisenegger Industrial Design Zürich R 01 21 Chronolab AG in Liquidation Zug R 05 44 Circus Monti AG Wohlen (AG) R 01 2 Citra S A Bourg en Lavaux R 01 16 Citra S A Lausanne R 01 press:SHAB2015052264 /*Eisenegger Christian*/ |2|Eisenegger Christian;SHAB_20150522_pnr64.pdf

Christian Eisenegger Christian Eisenegger Industrial Design in Zür i ch CHE114 293 808 Einzelunternehmen (SHAB Nr 210 vom 28 10 2011 Publ 6394910) Domizil neu: Rötelstrasse 2 8006 Zürich Tagesregister Nr 1758 press:SHAB2015052220 /*Eisenegger Christian*/ |1|Eisenegger Christian;SHAB_20150522_pnr20.pdf

Christian Eisenegger Roma Bern AG Bern R 01 Æ3 Campanella SA in Liquidation Chur R 01 Æ8 CAMPANELLI Carmine Genève R 02 Æ28 Campo Rosso A Rothacher Bern R 01 Æ3 Can Food AG Hünenberg R 01 Æ16 CANOVA Philippe suc Roma Bern Bern R 01 Æ3 Chocolat Line Swiss SA Mendrisio R 01 Æ13 CHRISTENSEN VUAGNIAUX Susanne GENEVE R 02 Æ28 Christian Eisenegger Industrial Design Schwerzenbach R press:SHAB2011102860 /*Bern Roma*/ |4|Bern Roma;SHAB_20111028_pnr60.pdf

Christian Eisenegger Christian Eisenegger Industrial Design in Schwerzenbach CH 020 1 054 425 0 Einzelunternehmen (SHAB Nr 91 vom 14 05 2008 S 19 Publ 4474224) Sitz neu: Zür i ch Domizil neu: Aemtlerstrasse 18 press:SHAB2011102819 /*Eisenegger Christian*/ |1|Eisenegger Christian;SHAB_20111028_pnr19.pdf